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This Doesn't Fit.
“This doesn’t fit.” Sev complained while tugging at the ends of his sleeves. “It’s way too short. I don’t think I’ve worn this shirt since I was 16.”
“Well maybe you shouldn’t have gotten so fat.” Reade jibed, then rolled his eyes at his friend’s harsh stare. “I’m teasing. You’ve gained at least three inches since high school.”
“I know, all three have been from you.”
“Dick jokes aren’t getting us anywhere. You can borrow one of my shirts if you need to, but I like this one better. The sleeves will be covered by your jacket in any case.”
“You only like this one because the buttons are about to burst off.” Sev flexed his arms, wrinkling his shirt and showing bits of skin through the gaps where the buttons didn’t quite hold. Reade reached his fingers into three of them, causing Sev to gasp at the sensation. “Your hands are cold!”
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Mature content
Stop Me (Revised) :iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 0 0
Mature content
Psychotic Love (Revised) :iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 2 0
I Can't Tell... (Revised)
A pulsing, pressured pain in my chest,
but I keep silent.
My stomach, pushing bile into my throat,
acid burning me from the inside.
My hands are slick with salty anxiety,
yet I am cold as a late-night escort in the snow,
fishnetted toes frostbitten at midnight.
Laying in my concrete fortress,
crippled by agony personified.
He lays dying before me,
suffered for too long,
bloody from his own struggles,
stiff and dried from my emitted cold.
I clutch him
while preyed upon by my own thoughts,
violent as vultures,
I know silence has killed us.
:iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 1 0
Not Like Fire and Ice
It wasn't like fire
No, nothing as destructive as such
It wasn't like ice, or a storm
More like fair day in the birth of autumn
With a gentle breeze on occasion
Enough to fill the chest with the excitement of the holidays
Yes, it was more like that
A hot, but not scalding, cup of coffee in a morning in the heart of winter
A Slurpee in the middle of sumer
A pleasant change
:iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 3 1
I Didn't Meet Her Until the Day She Died.
I didn't meet her until the day she died. She was a pretty woman, I think. Definitely one I could see myself with, you know, if she had had more time.
She came into the coffee shop that day, late in the afternoon. I can't quite remember what she ordered, but it wasn't anything complicated. I like to think that maybe that was indicative of her personality. Uncomplicated. A simple person with simple tastes who took life day by day. Of course that could have been the complete opposite of her. I mean, she did jump off a bridge.
All I remember of her, really is the way her chocolate colored hair flowed down her back and she looked so intently at me with her blue eyes...or were they green? It was all so fleeting, I mean, she was only even in the shop for an hour. She sat in the corner to read the last chapters of the book she had on her. I could tell because the left side was full of pages and the right side was almost done with. Yeah, she sat there for a bit, I think. I didn't even notice w
:iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 9 8
Snapshot from our HOT DATE... by Raven-Mapleson Snapshot from our HOT DATE... :iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 0 0 Jurassic World Review by Raven-Mapleson Jurassic World Review :iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 0 0
I Can't Tell...
I hurt so much but I can't tell anyone.
My stomach is in knots,
Eating itself alive.
My palms are sweaty,
But I feel so cold.
I can't handle seeing you flirt with other people.
If I weren't here you'd be off with them.
I can't handle knowing all my friends are having fun.
I'm sitting at home because I'm too sad for fun.
I can't handle that man dying.
It's been too long since I've seen him and he's giving up.
I don't know what to do.
I'm going to end up dying, too.
If I could just tell someone,
Maybe these chest pains would go away.
If I told just one person
These headaches might ease up.
But I can't tell anyone.
My stomach will burn itself up.
I'll shrivel up.
And no one will know what happened.
:iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 6 4
Don't Cry Please...
No more crying, I can't take it.
It hurts me to see those tears streaming down your face.
I'd fix everything for you if I could.
I'd trade my world for yours any day.
I'd give you my life,
My body,
Just to see you happy.
And so you don't have to go through any more pain.
Don't you see I'd do anything for you?
Can we please just be happy about that?
No more crying...
:iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 22 6
Worth It?
There are times when you may ask yourself if certain things are "worth it." You want to know if things are worth your time, or a waste of energy…
Are things really going to turn out how you want them to? Are what you want and what you need two entirely different things? Is the journey really worth the destination? Are your dreams unrealistic?
Difficult questions, I know. But you must come face-to-face with them at some point… It's always either being miserable and waiting for things to be better, or free of the situation, and never being able to know how things really would have turned out.
What's even worse is being "on the fence." Your heart can't make up its mind, so there's nothing you can do, except cry the nights it's bad, and rejoice on the nights it's good.
Keep your chin up, because no one is going to do it for you…
:iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 5 4
Love Me or Love Me Not
Relationships get hard,
But they're even harder when you don't know what to do.
One minute he loves you,
This continues for days,
But the next time you see each other,
He seem disinterested.
How am I supposed to love you like I used to,
When you don't treat me like you used to?
You never call.
You don't even text.
You're always texting her.
You don't even like taking time for me.
You're going to lose me if this keeps up.
One way or another,
You'll lose me.
I'll keep talking to him,
Even though you told me not to.
I just might change my whole mind,
About trying again,
And I just might let you go.
So make up your fucking mind.
You can't just love me when you feel like it.
Make up your mind.
Really choose me.
Or I swear,
I'll make the decision for you.
:iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 6 1
Give Up?
It's hard to remember that everything will work out when you don't really believe it.
You feel like pulling your hair out,
You feel like crying,
You feel like punching something...
When you don't know what's going to happen next, it's kind of difficult to plan ahead.
You're scared to death,
Sitting in your room,
Thinking of them,
Hoping they're thinking of you.
Not knowing what to do next gets tedious, and you wonder if you should just give up.
:iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 6 4
Why can't I just be happy with my life?
Why did I have to go cause shit?
I realize now that what happened was my fault…
I would do anything to go back and change it now
Why did I have to cause so many fights?
Why did you have to lie so much?
I never meant to hurt you
Or us…
All this frustration
And us breaking up
Can we just put that behind us?
Or obliterate it entirely?
Abolish it from memory…
Can we just start over?
The way it used to be?
I promise I won't do it again
I've learned from my lessons
And I think you've learned from yours
So please
Cutie pie…
I can't keep this up anymore
Don't make me be "just friends"
All I ever wanted
Was to be happy with you
I'd die to have it back
And I'd be willing to give up everything
But now the only problem
The only one who has to make up their mind
And be willing to give it one more chance
Is you
It's all
On you
:iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 5 2
Mature content
Freedom by Gun :iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 3 3
Eek! by Raven-Mapleson Eek! :iconraven-mapleson:Raven-Mapleson 1 0
Holy crap! Poems!


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Here is a link to my new poetry blog! Please follow if you like to read, write, or critique poetry! The first post will explain the scheduling as well as the point of the project, but in short, I'm taking old poetry that I wrote as a teen and turning them into something at least better, with my new skills as a writer and showing the process as much as possible. I also want to make it pretty interactive, so I'm excited about that. Thank you!…
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